Put yourself in your customer or client’s shoes:

Go to www.google.com and www.bing.com and search for your competition!

Make notes of what you type into Google that makes you find your competition

Look at what Google tells you at the bottom of the page

Our search was “Titusville yoga” the “Searches related to Titusville yoga that you see above are the top searched keywords in my area (you don’t have to have location turned on, Google knows where you are by your IP address or your current cell tower you are using for your 3G or 4G or whatever your phone is.


Go to GoDaddy.com and buy a domain!

Buy a couple domains!

Think about the top searched things in your area and buy that domain

Then buy the domain that matches the name of your company if you can

You need to own your own domain (yes we host websites, NO we do not own our client’s domains!) nor do we keep their website or any other file or social media access from them if they decide to leave!

But again, buy a few domains, ask around, do not let a third party ever control your domain name!


Think about what your client would use for social media:

No matter what you do, you need Facebook. Face it, everyone is on there. Here is your proof from the 2016 comScore Analytics.

This means every single iPhone and Android from 18 years old to 118 years old!

You need to hook your business to your personal Facebook, and no, if you do not want anyone to know you are connected, they will not. There are settings for that! But, you must own a personal Facebook to own a business Facebook account.

And that Facebook Messenger app, well that’s how you can keep up with your clients 24/7 if you’d like and make yourself a “rapid responder” causing you to win the business of the person that doesn’t hear from your competition first.




As you can see from the statistics above, on ALL phones, iPhones included, Google Maps is the 4th most used app to search (restaurants, hair, nails, gun stores, beach shops, repair companies, every retail store you can imagine as well as upscale thrift, well, I could go on for ages…)

The way you get on Google Maps, is on Google My Business.

If you set it up right, you can EASILY be at the top of the list when you do a search while in the vicinity of your business, just make sure you have the right person set that up for you.

You need to grab your business name’s Gmail address. So no one else defaces you with it! It has been done! I’ve seen it!

Create your Google My Business account with this newly created mybusinessname@gmail.com account and you can add your personal account (whether it is Google or not) to the Google My Business account.

GET YOURSELF VERIFIED, follow the instructions and have them mail the postcard as soon as you can receive mail at your new location!

This is not the easiest thing to do right, and if you don’t know the right person, you can call us!


Bing Places

You may or may not know but Bing owns Yahoo (since 2015) and AOL (since 2017) Bing is also Microsoft and the default search engine on all Microsoft desktop computers, Surface Pro’s, Laptops, Cell Phones and everything else that is Microsoft.

It is still a huge market in search and it is overlooked by a lot of businesses.

You can use your newly created Gmail address to create your Bing Places account. This will open up an account that looks a lot like Google My Business.

Again, GET YOURSELF VERIFIED, follow the instructions and have them mail the postcard as soon as you can receive mail at your new location! Exactly like Google does.

Follow up and make sure the listing is set up so that you show up on the top of the list in search for Bing Places.

Again, one of the specialties we can take care of!



This depends on your business

If you do classes, build, create, have art, so many different things are showcased so beautifully through video and YouTube is the place.

Once you make that Google My Business account you can then create your You Tube “Channel” from your Google My Business account!

That is because Google bought YouTube, FYI…

So it makes the creation of your “Channel” seamless!

Again, you must set this channel up right from the start!

If you don’t know someone, well again, you have found them!



We like to call Twitter the newspaper of social media!

This is where your business men and women like to “tweet” their thoughts

More for reading and short thoughts

Again, depending on your industry this could be an excellent social media source to reach potential customers



Again, this depends on your business

Hair, makeup, nails, photography, outdoors, sports, fitness, nutrition, modeling, fashion, art, ANYTHING VISUAL!!!!! These are the industries that you see blowing up on Instagram!

Setting up Instagram is much like Facebook, why is that? Because Facebook bought Instagram years ago!

You must have a personal account that you can hook a business Instagram account to.

Set it up right and understand the use of KEYWORD RICH (and most popular used) hashtags and following your clientele’s favorite things and tagging particular large Instagram accounts (those with millions and hundreds of thousands of followers) are the type you need to be tagging in hopes they see and like your photo!

So many tricks and ways to make your account bring in business you never would have found!

We can set up your Instagram and give you a personalized crash course for your particular industry to dominate on Instagram!


What Type of Website Do I Need?

This is where everyone gets stuck and they shouldn’t

No matter what kind of website you need, you need someone that knows how to build it so that the search engines find you! There are many different things that must be done in order for your website to encompass all the search engine requirements. The requirements for you to even begin to show up on the top of the list organically in search. Each different type of website requires a different set up for SEO purposes.

Types of Websites

Some businesses need to sell merchandise on the website. This can be a basic e-Commerce website or the business may need it all. Meaning things like merchant services (who is going to process the payments??) how do you want the payments processed? Internally? Meaning, they never leave your website. Or, use a 3rd party company and have them redirected to a new page? How do you want the items to look? How do you want to categorize them? That is where we come in!

Some businesses need to update the website a lot! They may like a lot of different features where they can have an event calendar, an appointment scheduler, a class sign-up, a payment feature for services rendered, but not products sold. All kinds of things can be done with a WordPress website and if built out correctly, with the correct backend SEO in place, WordPress websites show up on the top of the list in Google organically more often than not! Especially when blogs and other content rich widgets are attached and constantly updated and added to!

Some businesses need a beautiful website that grabs the customer’s attention where they want to keep clicking and looking through for more, much like a high end Realtor. Some websites need to have a lot of information where it can be organized and easy to navigate like a Law Firm. Some websites need to showcase a product or service and entice the customer to come to their location to get that product or service like a spa. This can be done with a custom hand coded website where the sky is the limit with design and customization! Also, customized contact forms can be put in place to send you a text when a customer inquiries for an appointment, consultation, meeting, showing, etc.

Some businesses need a database backed website with custom software and custom web design coding. We have that resource as well! With all the changes in filing systems today, document imaging, storage of online documents in hopefully secure cloud servers with, hopefully a trustworthy company, having your website hand built and a custom database built for your company hosted on our secure servers, will allow you to rest your mind at ease, knowing your confidential files are on the servers of someone local, who understands website hosting, safety of your files on their network and safety of your backed up files off-site.


As minor as people think this is, website hosting can mean keeping or losing everything you build!  Yes that means your entire website and everything on it!

If you build your website on an all inclusive, do it yourself web design program, you will most likely have to host with them. They will make it easy and you can even buy your domain there, but then you lose it all if you want to go elsewhere. Including your most important thing, YOUR DOMAIN! Back to the top where #1 you need to OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN!

Also, what kind of website do you need? If you need that WordPress website to constantly update, it is MUCH easier for someone with a local set of servers that understands WordPress to host your site. Why? Because it is hard to call GoDaddy and have something updated quickly when they host your site and a setting needs to be changed, but it is easy to call a local company or email that local company or text that local company’s owner and get something taken care of immediately if you have a problem logging into your WordPress management system or if you need to add to it!

Finding a local company to host with who has the capability to offer email hosting as well can make your life much easier when you have a small or big problem with your email! We get that call the most! “I am constantly fighting with my email!!” So we take them off of something like GoDaddy, because they have grown too large for that and we update them to a local, hand managed server that can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

It is important to respond to customers and clients in a timely manner with how easy it is to lose them to another online competitor. So, when you don’t get an important email, it could make or break a financial quarter for a small business with big contracts! Again, why Facebook messenger has become so important and why having that business Facebook page is so important! People really use that to their advantage to test the customer service of a company! Facebook even shows your “Response Rate” and you rank higher in their search the faster you respond over a competitor!


Don’t think you can’t afford help!

Everyone starts somewhere. If you don’t think you can afford web help, then try and try again. You will find a local company that you can afford and knows what they are doing! And you will be more successful in the long run focusing on your business rather than trying to figure out all of these things that someone else (like us) is already an expert in!


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