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Red Leaf Websites & Hosting is the Space Coast’s premier full service web host.

Since 2009 we have continued to provide exceptional products and services to our customers on our own servers. We strive to provide our customers needs with with an emphasis on individuals and our capacity to streamline our services to meet your exact needs.

Hosting Services We Offer

(Phone Support Available During Business Hours)

Webmail Team Collaboration Email Software

Affordable Microsoft Exchange Alternative — Seamlessly integrates into microsoft outlook

Managed IN-HOUSE
Windows & Linux Website Hosting

We do it all for you! Not everyone has the budget to afford a full time IT person or team to monitor their email and hosting for the business. Some companies buy their own servers and then still are at the mercy of the person or company providing support, while paying usually a pretty steep hourly fee.

Automatic Website Security
Virus Protection & Scanning

Why spend thousands of dollars in house, when for a small monthly fee you can have your website and email in a secure environment constantly being monitored. Our sites are constantly monitored for viruses and hacking. Not only do we stop them, we prevent them from doing it again.

Automated OnSite & OffSite Backups

Why worry about if your website is safe. With our off-site and on-site backups, data redundancy is not an issue. Sleep easy knowing that whatever happens, you will not lose your website, emails or databases!

For a low monthly cost, we will handle all of your Email & Website Hosting needs IN-HOUSE on our own servers.
No third party support, we take care of everything.

Our premium email suite offers a number of collaboration features that make it easy to work together with team members, customers and partners. Whether using webmail client or a favorite desktop or mobile client, our web based email software can help increase the overall productivity of an organization.

The team collaboration email software features available include:

  • Organizational Calendars and conference rooms
  • Shared contacts, calendars, tasks & notes
  • Internal group chat, audio and video chat
  • Team work spaces for internal or external team text, audio and video chat
  • File sharing & storage
  • And many other features….

Why take time away from your business and the frustration of doing it yourself?