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Are you a company based out of The Villages, Fl looking for Web Design or SEO services?

Red Leaf Websites & Hosting is a Florida Website Design & Search Engine Optimization Company that services The Villages and all of Florida. Our professional services include, custom website design, website content transfers, search engine optimization, ecommerce websites, mobile websites, and custom vector graphic & logo design.

Our clients range across a wide array of industries whether a multi-million dollar company or a start-up venture, we can create any website to suit any need. We research all options of web design, social media and online marketing to develop, design and drive traffic to your website.

Most smaller businesses and start-up ventures seem to be afraid that a professional, custom web design will be too expensive for their marketing budget. In actuality, web design software, free web design or cheap online based web design programs will take up a lot of your time and take the focus from your current business. In the long run, doing it yourself costs more out of pocket. We work closely with our clients to understand the market they are trying to reach and build a website that appeals to the target market in mind. Both time and money can be saved by calling us to do the job for you!

Majority Rules! Statistics show the majority of Digital Media usage takes place on a smartphone!

Keeping up with the changing technology is an important part of our industry. We monitor the statistics for our individual sites as well as articles and press releases from national marketing research companies. Right now, the majority of your customers are using their phone to browse your website!

Take Over

Mobile browsing has been growing at a fast and steady rate since the smartphone became affordable.


Mobile email has grown substantially as well. It is easy to check your inbox on the go!


Tablets show the highest add-to-cart-rates when users are shopping online!


Even on mobile phones, over half of users start research with a search engine!

Word of Mouth

Users admit they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.


Not just the savvy brands are taking advantage anymore, small businesses have to compete more now too!

A professional web presence can transform your business to a national or international venture by reaching your target market across the United States and even the world. If you have a website and it is not performing the way you would like, please contact us today to find out more about what we can do to place your site on the top pages of the top search engines.


Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming process that starts with basic marketing. There are so many things that can make or break your web presence when it comes to visual elements, placement of text and call to action links, but it has to be found in the first place! Anyone who offers "Cheap" | "Quick" | "Guaranteed Results" BEWARE! Nothing about the Search Engine Optimization world is quick, easy or 100% guaranteed!

When done right, SEO will benefit all aspects of your website. If you are looking for a brand new site - built from scratch, or a renovation of a website that already exists, it is important to assemble the website around a large list of tried and true SEO principles in order for the intended target market to find it.


Are you looking to sell your products or services online? All e-commerce websites come with a variety of features that are sure to take your business to the next level. There are so many options available for your company to increase sales once you open your sales territory to the online market. With access to the administration module from any device that is online, you have complete control of your online sales at your fingertips.


Not everyone wants to pay someone to update their website or has the knowledge to update hand-coded websites. WordPress provides an easy solution that allows us to create a website that you will love but you will also be able to make changes yourself. Of course you can still pay us to update the site as your business expands.


Not only do we work hard for you during the building process, we also provide quick & cost effective Monthly Website Maintenance. Having relevant and up to date information is a huge part of a website’s success. If you are interested in your ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages, updated content within a website is rewarded by Google and other leading search engines. Let us provide you with a solution to keep your website current.

Do you have multiple businesses in The Villages? We can look at other websites you may have to provide any helpful changes that we could make to improve search results and bounce rate. Don’t forget, this is all while never having to touch the site yourself so you can focus on your business!


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